Facet Finish

Facet Finish

Diamond Polishing Wheels

"Turn your grinding machine into a polishing machine"

- Polish - Advantages
Saphire Eliminate Lapping
Carbide No more slurries
Boron Carbide Mirror Finish
Alumina The ultimate polish
Zirconia 80% faster than lapping
Alloy Steel - Machines
Quartz Rotary Surface Grinder
Nitinol ID, OD Grinders
Silicon Reciprocating Surface Grinder
CVD Silicon Carbide Centerless Grinder
Polycrystalline Diamond  










Operating Parameters

“Facet Finish” is a very unique effective bonding system for polishing all types of materials. While it generates a very low surface finish, it is a “fragile – soft” bond. Please take caution handling this product.


  • After installing wheel on spindle use the conditioning disc provided.

  • Use coolant during the conditioning process.

  • Infeed the conditioning disc 0.0005”


  • Reduce wheel speed by 20%-30% if possible.

  • Use flood coolant at all times.

  • Infeed wheel 0.0001” to polish